New ways to pay
Simplifying ecommerce payments to avoid a disconnected checkout experience

Ecommerce sales have boomed over the past year but so have customer expectations.

Retailers invest heavily to get shoppers on to their websites but are failing at the last hurdle – the checkout. Many have poor experiences that are costing sales and loyalty, as well as providing opportunities for fraud that no one can afford.

So how do you optimise conversion to deliver on customer expectations and drive sales?

Retail Week brought together an expert panel including boohoo Director of Technology Laura McKellar, Heal’s customer and ecommerce director David Kohn, Rapha head of digital experience Nik Fletcher and Payoneer VP partnerships and strategic sales Lochan Sim to discuss:

Reducing friction – the cost of a disconnected checkout experience
Payment priorities – leading approaches to successful checkout strategies
Trust pays – the role of payment and fraud technology in delivering confidence
Value of innovation – the latest tech developments shaping online payments
Navigating change – what retailers must prioritise in the months ahead