All the retail intelligence you need - now with 5-year financial forecasting

Retail Week Prospect is a live intelligence tool which provides you with unique and exclusive access to the financial data, technology, supply chain and ecommerce strategies of the UK’s leading and most innovative retailers.

NEW for 2022: New forecasting capability added. Using our own detailed algorithm, overlaid with our analysts' expert understanding of each business, you now get financial forecasts for the next five years. Past performance, inflation, recent investments, portfolio adjustments and innovation ratings help us calculate the most accurate forecast possible.

Real-time, data-driven insight and data visualisation of key financial metrics including sales, profits and sales densities enable you to instantly understand which retailers are growing the fastest. It also includes extensive information on supply chain, ecommerce, stores, customer and marketing, and technology strategies, as well as domestic and international performance.

In this rapidly shifting tech environment, retailers need to constantly evolve and become even more agile to keep up with consumer demand. Prospect helps retailers benchmark and compare their performance and strategies against the competition, and discover ways to improve customer-facing capabilities.

Prospect can also help tech companies and consultancies that have solutions for retailers, by presenting comprehensive and detailed coverage of more than 150 UK retailers. Identifying opportunities for new partnerships and key decision makers has never been easier.

A subscription to Prospect includes full access to, so you’ll never miss a beat in the rapid evolution of retail with our daily, in-depth analysis of the latest developments, with c-suite interviews, success stories, informed opinion and expert guidance.

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